Millstone ValLey

The East Millstone basin, then and now

It was a “wide water” in the canal where boats could pull off
the main channel to load or unload or spend the night.
Today it’s been largely filled in for use as a park.

East Millstone then and now
In the historic view, a store stood to the right of the bridgetender’s home. In the modern view, the
store is gone, but our outhouse still stands, despite many floods.

This home in Blackwells Mills was built in the 1830s as a home for the bridgetender and his family.
Sandor Fekete, a Hungarian immigrant, was the last bridgetender to live there. When the canal
closed in 1932, he was allowed to continue living there. He and his wife raised their children here
without the amenities of electricity and indoor plumbing. Sandor and a friend would crush grapes
with their feet to make wine. The last bridgetender passed away in 1970 at the age of 91.


Sandor’s friend and neighbor was artist Biff Heins, who painted these pictures of him