Millstone ValLey


Brad Fay, President

Barbara Ten Broeke, Treasurer

Brad Fay is President of the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition, A resident of Franklin Township, Brad is a former Montgomery Township Committeeman (2006-2011) and Deputy Mayor (2008). In Montgomery, he served on the Landmarks Commission, Environmental Commission, and Municipal Alliance. He also is a past President of the Van Harlingen Historical Society in Montgomery.

Professionally, Brad is Chief Commercial Officer of Engagement Labs, where he shares responsibility for developing the company’s new TotalSocial™ platform, a technology that helps brands improve their marketing by leveraging social influence among consumers. He was previously co-founder of the Keller Fay Group, later acquired by Engagement Labs.

Brad has had been a leader in the research and marketing industries for more than two decades, recently serving as Chairman of the Board of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, and President of the New York-based Market Research Council. He also is a winner of the Grand Innovation Award of the Advertising Research Foundation for developing a survey-based system for measuring offline consumer conversations at Keller Fay Group, the company he co-founded with Ed Keller in 2006, later acquired by Engagement Labs.

Brad is the co-author, with Ed Keller, of The Face-to-Face Book, winner of the 2013 Best Book in Marketing Award from the American Marketing Association Foundation. Brad has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumni of the survey research program at the University of Connecticut, where we received a Master’s in Political Science. He received his BA, cum laude, in Government from Colby College in Waterville, ME.

Michael Bell, Recording Secretary


Robert von Zumbusch is active in a number of non-profit organizations, mostly related to historic and open-space preservation and planning; he is President of the Kingston Historical Society, a Vice President of Friends of Princeton Nursery Lands, Kingston Greenways and Friends of Princeton Open Space. He served on the Princeton Township Historic Preservation Commission from its inception and now serves on its successor, the Princeton Historic Preservation Commission.

Particular continuing interests are the D&R Canal State Park (he had principal responsibility for the 1984 Historic and Recreational Development Plan) and the former Princeton Nurseries site in Kingston NJ (he was long part of the effort for its preservation as a cultural landscape and now serves as Chairman of the Mapleton Preserve Commission, a joint NJ State-South Brunswick Township body, which has oversight over its core area.)  He is also Vice Chairman of the Joint Township Advisory Committee for the Village of Kingston.  He is a member of the Crossroads of the American Revolution Advisory Council and a member of the D. & R. Canal Commission Master Plan Advisory and Bridge Committees.

Since 1972 Robert has been living in Princeton, New Jersey.   He lives and has his office in the Kingston Mill Historic District in the eponymous mill.   He spent nearly 15 years with a large architectural firm, doing work in New Jersey and the Middle East.   Since 1987, he has had his own small architectural practice.  He is very involved with both open space and historic preservation; he is particularly interested in interrelationship between the two and, especially, in historic cultural landscapes and corridors and their use as an element in planning.  

 Robert spent eight years at Columbia University - three years at Columbia College and five years at the School of Architecture, where he was Editor of Program, then the school magazine  After graduation from the School of Architecture he lived in Cambridge, MA and worked for firms (F.A. Stahl and Kallmann & McKinnell) in Cambridge and Boston for several years, after which he was a Peace Corps Volunteer architect with the Central Authority for Housing and Town Planning, Kabul, Afghanistan and concurrently taught an architectural design course at Kabul University (1969 - 1971.) 


Robert von Zumbusch, Vice President