Obituary for Judith A Peters

Judith Alleyne Peters of Belle Mead, NJ, passed away
​on Monday, February 26, 2018, at 65 years of age.

She leaves behind her mother, Dr. Janice Yates Peters, sister, Susan G. Peters, and brother in law, John James McDonald, aunt, Sallie Yates Box and uncle, Dr. Benton H. Box, and their family of Clemson, SC, and her family of many cousins and “borrowed sisters, brothers and cousins”. She was preceded in death by her brother, Robin D. Peters and father, Dr. Timothy V. Peters.

Judith Alleyne Peters was born March 5, 1952, in Hammond, LA. She was the first of three children born to Timothy V. Peters and Janice Yates Peters.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech University, and three Masters degrees: Textile Science from Virginia Tech, Business Administration from Columbia University, and Historical Preservation Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. While there, she, also, taught courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her studies and attention to detail prepared her for success in business. She worked for Allied Signal Corp (later became Honeywell), until she joined the family business (Peters Associates International, Inc.) as General Manager. After Peters Associates closed, she set up her own company, Peters Solutions, Inc. She worked in China as an entrepreneur under Peters Solutions as the General Manager of TLT.

Judy Peters was not only an employee of various companies. She, also, was involved in a number of volunteer projects. She was an active member of the Van Harlingen Historical Society, serving for the past four years as its president, and prior to that, serving on its board in lesser positions. She was well-known in Montgomery Township for her willingness to contribute to and work on neighborhood and other projects. She was a major contributor in the production of the film on: "Farming in New Jersey’s Millstone Valley: Past & Present.

A memorial gathering and service will be Saturday, March 10, at the Hillsborough Funeral Home, 796 Route 206, Hillsborough, NJ 08844 from 2-4 pm, where all are welcome to attend, and share their memories of Judy with us. 

Her body will be cremated and her eyes and other usable organs will be donated to those in need. Judy had expressed her wish to be an organ donor. Letters of condolence may be sent to the Peters Family at P.O.Box 24, Flagtown, NJ 08821. 

In lieu of flowers, contributions to Judy’s memory may be made to the Van Harlingen Historical Society, P.O. Box 23, Belle Mead, NJ 08502.

Judy’s family appreciates your caring and friendship with her through the years. We hope you will be able to join us to celebrate her life with your memories.

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March 14, 2019 was recognized as the National Agriculture Day in Somerset County. The proclamation announced the showings of the MVPC Documentary, "Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past and Present"


MVPC proposed a Walk and Roll Event in 2017. This is the third year of the event! During this event, Canal Road is closed from the Griggstown Causeway down to Route 518 in Franklin Township for the South Event and from East Millstone to Butler Rd for the North Event. Arranged with the kind support of the Franklin Township and other organizations, the road is closed to traffic from 10 AM through 4 PM ET. During this time, visitors are encouraged to bike, walk and roll down the Canal Road and enjoy the beautiful heritage that is the Millstone Valley!

2019 events are planned for third Sundays of the month in Summer:

                                    North                                              South

                                    Sunday, May 19                             Sunday, July 14

                                         ​                                                  Sunday, August 11


 "Farming in New Jersey’s Millstone Valley: Past & Present"
A 300-Year History Culminates in Local Farm-to-Table Movement

ROCKY HILL, NJ (May 7, 2018) – The Millstone Valley of central New Jersey, settled by Dutch farmers three centuries ago, helped New Jersey earn its Garden State nickname, and became the breadbasket of a booming New York City metropolis.  That story, culminating in today’s farm-to-table movement, is told in a new documentary film.

Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present, is a 35-minute video documentary based on a historic account by Jessie Lynes Havens of Montgomery Township, and made by the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition of Rocky Hill, in association with the Van Harlingen Historical Society of Montgomery.

“Area residents will be delighted to learn the stories behind easily recognized local landmarks, farms, and restaurants. There’s a lot to proud of, here in the Millstone Valley,” said MVP Coalition President Brad Fay. “We are grateful of the support we received from state, county, and private grants that made this film possible.”

Farming in the Millstone Valley: Past & Present is a production of Flickering Duck Productions in Association with Visionary Video & Filmworks Studios, and the filmmakers Fred Frintrup of Milltown, NJ and Peter Frintrup of Los Angeles. The award-winning father-son film team have made numerous historic documentaries related to the Griggstown Village, Historic Rockingham, and the New Jersey origin of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The film is a project of the MVP Coalition in support of its mission to preserve the historic resources, farmland and natural landscapes of the Valley and to promote the Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway; the Byway roughly parallels the Millstone River and the D. & R. Canal through Montgomery, Hillsborough, Millstone, East Millstone, Franklin, Griggstown, Kingston, Princeton, and Rocky Hill.This film was made possible, in part, by the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State through the State/County History Partnership Program Grant, and administered in Somerset County by the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission.



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